Martin Sean

Martin Sean is a wildlife and nature photographer based in London, UK. He has been photographing some of the natural world’s most iconic creatures and locations for over 20 years and specialises in creating fine art black and white prints that are carefully selected from his diverse portfolio of work. His travels have taken him to every continent, many an island and some of the most remote locations on the planet.

His passion for photography truly took off when he became a scuba diver and began exploring the fascinating and totally alien world beneath the waves. He aspired to share its largely unseen beauty with as many people as possible. This was made substantially easier with the advent of digital photography and as an underwater photographer, Martin was one of those early adopters who could clearly see the massive benefits of having more than just a 36 shot reel to work with. He is also a qualified dive master and technical diver who has been to a depth of over 100 m/330 ft, far beyond the limits of normal recreational scuba diving. Some of the notable dive locations that he has visited include the Galapagos archipelago, Indonesia, the Philippines, the Maldives and the Red Sea.

As a true lover of all things nature and a passionate explorer, his interests inevitably widened to include land-based photography as well. Not one to eschew extreme environments and remote locations, over the last few years he has spent much of his time photographing subjects in places such as the Arctic & Antarctic, as well as many of the world’s great deserts, jungles and plains. Some of his favourites include Norway’s Svalbard archipelago, South Georgia Island, Antarctica, Mongolia, Vietnam, Namibia, Kenya, Egypt and of course his native United Kingdom.

Through his work, Martin aims to both celebrate the beauty of the natural world and raise awareness about the challenges it faces from us, humanity. Ultimately, he hopes that these snapshots into the lives of unique individuals and species will inspire people to preserve our planet’s vanishing natural wonders through more than just images.

Out Of The Grey Collection


Out Of The Grey is a diverse collection of some of photographer Martin Sean’s finest wildlife photography from the planet’s most iconic natural environments. It includes both surface-based and underwater images captured in far-flung locations such as the Svalbard archipelago, the Maldives, Namibia and South Georgia island to name just a few.

As the name suggests, the collection is presented entirely in black and white, Martin’s colour palette of choice. This gives the prints a classic look and feel that is extremely versatile when it comes to decorating a variety of different spaces.

Each photograph has its own unique and powerful story which can be viewed in the ‘Behind The Lens’ description of the image found on the gallery page. On an artistic level, all prints in the collection are considered, expertly composed and painstakingly edited to maintain the sharpness and quality of the images as they are enlarged.

Whether it’s a curious Polar bear, downtrodden Macaque or a group of utterly fearless Chinstrap penguins, each and every photograph in Out Of The Grey is packed full of character and emotion. This is more than just a collection of images celebrating beautiful wildlife, it’s a study of the unique nature of each individual and species. It’s also a poignant reminder that these lives are fragile and at risk.

Wildlife photography allows us to fathom fantastical creatures that we may never have the privilege of seeing with our own eyes, yet it’s also a stark reminder of what we stand to lose if we don’t change course as a species. Ultimately, it’s up to us to decide if collections like this will end up as a celebration of our planet’s stunning biodiversity or a tragic souvenir from a time that we can never recapture.

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Wildlife Photographer Martin Sean Exhibition Launch


The event was a huge success, but not everyone could make it. Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what happened!

“Out of the Grey features exquisite large-scale black and white fine art images by London based wildlife photographer Martin Sean.”

“In breathtaking group shots and intimate, emotional close-ups, the show features images from Africa, Asia and both Polar regions. Martin’s portfolio has embraced both underwater photography and a wide range of nature and wildlife photography as he explores every corner of the globe. The ornate, baroque Fitzrovia Chapel, previously part of the former Middlesex Hospital, provides an impressive backdrop to the monochrome exhibition.”