Quench Your Thirst

Image of leopard drinking

Spicies:African leopard (Panthera pardus)

Location: Africat Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre, Namibia

Life in the wild requires a kind of constant alertness that we humans in our sturdy shelters filled with seemingly limitless food and water can never truly grasp. Choosing the right place to shelter can be a matter of life and death. Prey animals live out their entire lives with a necessary sense of unease and their pursuers can scarcely afford to let up the search for their next meal. Even most apex predators need to be aware of their surroundings when they visit the waterhole. This leopard may have been a resident of the Africat rescue & rehab centre, but even the safety provided by a life away from the harsh realities of the wild is not enough to deactivate his instinctual awareness. Even from over 100ft away using a powerful zoom lens he could feel my gaze.

The eyes are always the first thing people notice when viewing this print. They seem to be looking right at you, bringing the image to life and placing you in the position of direct observer. After a few seconds of staring back at them, you may even start to feel slightly uncomfortable. It’s a powerful effect that is normally seen in human portrait photography and rarely achieved when shooting wildlife. The ripples in the water add a sense of motion to the image and further enhance the feeling of being an active observer. When viewed in large print format, and especially in its full exhibition size, “Quench Your Thirst” is a truly thrilling piece that brings the experience of big game viewing right into your home or office.

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Framed photo of leopard drinking in a lobby setting
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