What makes a person or animal attractive? Most people will answer this question...

A True Specimen

Black and white photo of a waterbuck

Spicies: Waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus) -   

Location: Lake Naivasha National Park, Kenya

What makes a person or animal attractive? Most people will answer this question slightly differently based on personal preferences, past experiences and culture. In other words, it’s highly subjective. Yet while you may have a thing for bright eyes and bushy tails while your best friend prefers a rough around the edges vibe, scientists claim that are indeed some objective ways to measure attractiveness as well.

Ultimately, it all comes down to fitness. Obviously, we’re not talking about ultra runners and cross-fitters. The fitness our brains (and those of most other species for that matter) have evolved to be attracted to is out is the kind that demonstrates good health, strength and fertility. Whether it’s a symmetrical face, healthy skin or fur, the ability to always come out on top in conflicts or a pleasant odour, all living things are pre-programmed to prefer members of their own species that display classic markers of fitness. While it’s difficult to determine what attracts other species to us humans or each other, it’s fair to say that we tend to follow a similar pattern when identifying attractive people and animals.

That’s why it’s highly likely you’ll agree that the male Waterbuck in this image is a handsome devil - a true specimen if ever there was one. Everything about him screams virility. His long, symmetrical horns protrude from a well-proportioned face. He sports an immaculate coat on top of a strong body. Who would bet against him having sired more than his fair share of the next generation of his species? Of course, fitness isn’t all that matters, especially in our human world, where the ability to thrive has long been based on more than just good health, fighting skills and reproductive capacity. That said, we all enjoy gawking at a true specimen and having this print in your home and office will allow you to do so each and every day.

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Martin Sean

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